At Trilogistics we are dedicated to the protection of people and property. Our security solutions inspire peace of mind, as we design the most comprehensive security programs available on the market.

We develop, customize and implement security products and services that are only of the highest quality. We support and train our consultants, officers and representatives to achieve quality assurance and superior standards of practice, setting the benchmark for the security industry.

Security and Investigative Personnel Division

As much as we'd like to believe - technology cannot replace human intelligence. Trilogistics knows high-caliber Security Officers make the difference, whether protecting a shopping mall, an office building, a mixed-use facility or a single-tenant property. At Trilogistics, we see your security needs through your eyes and we recruit, select, train and deploy our Officers to meet this provision.

We have an obligation to provide clients with the most knowledgeable, experienced personnel available. Our impressive network of professionals from diverse backgrounds, including law enforcement graduates and seasoned Security Officers, share one thing in common: excellence in the field.

Through our in-depth process of recruiting, training and testing, clients are guaranteed the most skilled, knowledgeable security team around.

Consulting and Support Services

Often, the best way to determine the most appropriate security solution is by conducting an in-depth, objective security analysis. Our Consulting & Support Services identify key security issues and recommend site-specific, supplier-neutral, security solutions.

The department operates in a world full of security challenges and threats. We bring previous industry and client experiences to each consultation.

Each security analysis performed by our Consultants addresses the specific security needs of that property. Our goal is to identify security risks and to recommend various measures to mitigate or eliminate those risks.

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